Over 1.1 million electric customers are currently without power across the eastern United States due to severe weather.
With 275k out in and 235k out in .
[2023-04-01 5:28 PM EDT]

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@BakerRL75 @PowerOutageUS typically how long would pet be out in a situation like this? We don't have tornadoes so I'm interested because of zero experience.

@MacropodCare @PowerOutageUS Just judging from what I’ve observed, It depends on the area and if it’s just wired to be strung or infrastructure to be replaced. But, all and all I’d say it always feels longer to people experiencing the outage than the outage normally is.

@BakerRL75 @PowerOutageUS
We've had outages lasting 30 hours after infrastructure fails here. Would that be something experienced there?

@MacropodCare @PowerOutageUS In some of the more rural areas where they are replacing posts as well as wire, unfortunately yes.

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