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@PowerOutageUS this should get interesing with all the wind stuff hitting san diego today!
cc @chrissistrunk

@chrissistrunk @PowerOutageUS well in this case its like, 30-60mph winds that supposedly are gonna knock stuff down, but i guess we'll see

@PowerOutageUS Is your username a request? 🤔🤭 Nevermind. Keep up the good work.

@PowerOutageUS Tip for the verification: Check your profile settings. There's a description about how to show a verification of your mastodon account by adding a hidden backlink to it into your website 👍🏼

@PowerOutageUS you can "auto verify" site links in your profile metadata if you add a link back from the destination with a rel="me" attribute on it.

@InsertUser Yeah, the next deployment of site will have the meta tags added for Mastodon!

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